Every Tyre For Every Fleet

At Jane Fleet, we aspire to environmental excellence every day, through each business decision we make. Our commitment is not just good citizenship; it’s good business. We recognise that our business depends on the health and sustainability of our planet and the natural resources that we all share.

As a tyre retailer, we focus our environmental efforts on the three areas where we have the greatest impact and therefore can do the most good: The disposal of used products, the use of recycled and low energy products, as well as independent testing and evaluation of products used in the tyre industry in order to reduce the overall impact on the environment.

Disposal of used products

Jane Fleet adopts a recycle first policy and only ever as a last resort may some tyres be disposed of as landfill in their reduced form. This not only helps to dramatically reduce one of the world's largest waste disposal problems, it turns millions of used tyres into a valuable resource in the process.

Jane Fleet recommends that used tyres be disposed of in the following manner:

Shredded for civil engineering applications
Supplied to the cement industry as tyre derived fuel for energy recovery
Granulated as feed stock material for the production of rubber crumb

All Jane Fleet agents are compelled to use only licensed tyre recyclers.